About Us

In the past, I’ve been asked several questions about small businesses. questions like:

can small businesses get grants?

can outsourcing work for small businesses?

we all have one question or the other. the Advantages of small businesses can not be over emphasized. All big businesses started small and grew from there.

According to reports, 90% of new startup business die in their first five years and the 10% that survives, 90% die in there another five years

Sandalili.com, was created to add value to both young and old. This blog main aim is to provide relevant information in the form of articles, case study, reviews, and give advice for small businesses, best new small businesses, best SEO companies for small businesses by making recommendations that will help you in your business, personal finance, daily lifestyle and to inspire you to do more.

We strongly we’re in the information age (the age of information) and a single information can change your life for good. We have decided to provide you with relevant content that will inform you, and give you an edge.