9 top business ideas that require no startup capital. Which one will you do?

Top business ideasTop business ideas can be turned into successful business without financing.

If you want to start a business, but don’t know where to get startup capital venture or meet the startup capital requires, don’t worry.

These top business ideas will suggest to you the businesses you can start without the need of a startup capital loan or startup financing.

The question is, which one will you do?

Things you need to note

Several top business opportunities have been around you that you’ll need to take advantage of.

But here are what you need to consider before taking step to turning your top business idea to work

  • Business is not a get rich quick scheme, it takes time to build your reputation
  • There are a lot of trial and errors in business, in other words, what works for me will not work for you
  • If you don’t have the mental strength, then it might be good you don’t take the step


My 9 top business ideas that require no startup capital

Below are some of my 9 top business ideas that you can start without bothering yourself about startup capital.


Starting a blog does not require you to invest in the purchase of a domain name and signing up for hosting.

A successful blog that has recorded a success is lindaikeji.blogspot.com this blog was built using the free blogging platform call blogger.com.

Creating your own blog using these platforms is simple. You’ll only need to sign up with either blogger.com or wordpress.com (blogger.com is more user-friendly).

Install your blog, choose a template and begin to blog.

To be successful, you have to be specific and strictly follow the rules and regulations of blogger. Com

Some of the hot topics include:

  • Make money online
  • Small business ideas
  • Celebrity gist
  • Politics
  • Health and fitness

Freelance writing

Every website or blog need fresh content to keep their site activity always active. The majority don’t have the time to research and write the content that is informative and attract more people.

That’s where a freelance writer is required.

A freelance writer can charge from $1 to $200 per 1000 word article, depending on the authority you command.

Getting to the $200 margin will take you the time of building your authority.

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To begin this business, you look for quality freelance websites and join. Most of the sites are free to join

Key to becoming a successful freelance writer

  • Avoid writing about generic content and write new pillar content. Generic content is saturated subject online. write about a new topic
  • Write great titles that captivate and makes people take action.

Example which title will grab more attention, “how to drive traffic to your website” or “social media best practices:20 tips for dramatical engagement

  • Use examples in your article
  • Write about actionable tips

Graphic designer

Many people want to brand their website by having a logo, social media page banner, occasion design, infographic and so on.

With such an expertise, you can turn your design skills into a business.

You can visit the site www.fiverr.com and sign up, under your profile, you can click on selling and begin to fill the necessary information.

When you’re done, you can share the page with friends, to market your page. You charge a minimum of $5.

Another option is to create a free blog platform and tell people what you. Put some samples of your work to proof to your client that they can get an excellent job.

Master of ceremony (MC)

Don’t try it if your voice is like mine. You must be really creative and have a great voice to make this a business.

If you want to start this business, you can begin offering free service in other for people to know what you can do, when offers start coming in, you begin to charge.

MC’s are paid well depending on the level you’re.

Getting the job of an MC

  • Offer to do it for free: such opportunity is for you to sell yourself
  • Be creative and carry the people along
  • Make yourself accessible at all time

An online coach

Most people have smartphones. But do you know that it can be used as a tool to make you a great coach?

An online coach is someone with proven record of expertise in a subject area and creates videos to share with people looking for a solution

Getting started as an online coach

Even though it’s difficult to break into it easily, here are steps that will fast track you to success

  • Create a youtube channel
  • Put a profile and banner image
  • Your channel description should be clear
  • Create some videos using your smartphone.
  • Upload these video in youtube
  • Now share your video
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When you begin to get subscribers you can come up with a video title that will be in series and let them know the benefits and the cost of getting the videos.

House car wash

Many car owners don’t have the time to wash and take their cars to the car wash. To start this business, you’ll need to knock on the doors of people with cars and tell the car owner that you can wash theirs at ABC price.

Tell the owner that you have the expertise and you can do a great job. You can offer a free service to proof to that you can do the job.

House dry cleaning

Like car washing you can equally start a house dry cleaning service. Here you move into the house, wash, dry and iron the clothes.

You’ll need to know not only how to wash the cloth but also to press it and fold the cloth in the right way.


Chicken dressing

This is another booming business and yet only a few people look at it. The business of chicken dressing is on the increase because of the increase in a number of restaurants, occasions and hotels and largely use poultry meat as their meat source.

Many households have set up a poultry farm in their backyard and have used some of the restaurants to supply to them dressed.

Some have resulted in starting a frozen chicken business.

You can go to this household and offer your service for chicken dressing. Give your number and tell them to call you when the service is needed.


This business is one of the most influential types of business. To start this business, you’ll need to master a subject. Here specialization is key. You charge either on per hour basis of consultation.

With the business of consultation, it can take you round across the world.


What did I leave out in the top business ideas that require no startup? Feel free to add by making a comment below.



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