5 ways to building business credibility online

building business credibility

Building business credibility is not a day job. It takes serious commitment and time to really get to the point that can bring the profit.

Online businesses like facebook, google, yahoo, eBay understood the process and importance of building business credibility and that’s what made the difference.

The book how I made my first million online was released, by Ewen Chia and went to be a bestseller within 3 hours. This became possible because of years of building business credibility online.

This is just a few out of many examples of people who have to make and continue to make a fortune online.

However, building business credibility online is possible and requires some simple, but possible steps to achieve a success that can lead you to a fortune.

You’ll need to know your target result and develop a daily plan of action that can make you achieve the desired outcome.

Top 5 ways to building business credibility online

Building business credibility online is a gradual process and the steps below shows you the best ways to start online

  1. Build a niche website

This is the first important step to start. Building a site that targets a particular niche (topic) is the simple way to build credibility easily.

When targeting a wider niche, chances are slim to be able to build credibility in the short term.

For instance, when the niche you’re interested in is “cars” targeting cars is too general. Instead, you can be more specific and target one car type like “hybrid cars” or “GMC Acadia”.

Once you have your idea, start building your website or blog.

Don’t know HTML? Intimidated by FTP and other web technologies? Relax. There are various ways to build your site.

  1. You can create a blog and keep updating it constantly
  2. You can create a website.
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If you choose the first option, you will need a domain name, a hosting account and install your blog. Configure, post content and drive traffic.

If you choose to create a website that attracts strong, an endless stream of free, warm, willing-to-buy visitors..success guaranteed, I recommend site build it!

  1. Create a list and build your confidence

Another way is to create a list, build relationship and credibility through it. You can incorporate it into your blog or website, by placing an opt-in form. When using getresponse, you can build a list even without having a website or blog.

With Getresponse, you can create a series of information in the form of videos, articles, ebooks and podcast. Set them simply on autopilot which will be delivered to the subscribers email daily, weekly or monthly, based on the time you set it.

When building your list, it is important to start one step at a time. Always remember, content is key. Provide useful and informative content.

Show your subscribers your expertise and continue to provide the information until you have earned their confidence.

Avoid using sales pitch always in your email. Else subscribers will unsubscribe.

With services like udimi, you can buy subscribers from others who have tons of subscribers. The good news here is you search based on your niche. Click here to sign up to udimi for free.

  1. Participate in online communities

Online communities will always be a relevant place to find people desperately looking for a solution to their problem.

Participating in online communities like forums and or groups to build more credibility on a daily basis. There are several online communities you can join.

Look for the one you’re interested, that is the niche you’re targeting and join the communities.

Participate in such communities and make your contributions. It should contain something useful and informative to the people of the communities. The more you post great content the more the business credibility increase.

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When you have nothing to share or you think is useful, just don’t participate.

  1. Answer question

It’s amazing how answering questions have become one vital way to build credibility online. With sites like yahoo answers and quora where you can answer or ask questions and could even appear within the google top 10 search especially when your answer becomes the top answer.

Success with answering questions especially with yahoo answers (the most popular) is simple. Just head over the site, read the question and answer it. The best answers are informative and have at least 100 words in all.

  1. Social media marketing

Social media have come to stay. Use the social media to share your content on your blog/website to your website pages or wall.

When using social media pages, fill in all the details that are needed. Some include the page description, cover photo, and profile picture.

To drive engagement, you’ll need to post frequently and include things like images and video to your content.

With social media marketing is effective, it does not mean you should be in the entire social media website. Just choose the one that fits your website need to get what you need and join.

Building credibility is simple and comes to a step at a time. Using the five methods above will ensure that you will in no time become an expert in your niche and people will follow your advice and recommendation.


Building business credibility is a great way building company credibility confidence and rapport with your customers.


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