11 Tips to Build a Business While Working a Day Job

build a businessBuild a business is the dream of many. Everyone wants to be a boss. But only a few take the step in time to achieve that especially when they have a job. To build a business requires you to take one step at a time to achieve the ultimate gold.

Most employee dream of quitting their jobs to start their business. Especially when giving eight to four hours of the day helping someone build their business.

Many entrepreneurs start as employees and later when their business becomes feasible, they move to manage and continue to build their business.

The transition from being an employee to entrepreneur can be challenging and stressful when you enjoy your job, colleagues’ and your bonuses. The reality is it doesn’t have to be so.

While been an entrepreneur is good, you’ll need to maintain your motivation, persistence and drive which propel and help you in the transition stage. It’s is easy to lose confidence or enthusiasm in the process.

Don’t worry such setbacks are just the little cracks you need to fix and overcome. Before you quit your job, here are some action steps you need to implement to start immediately while you still maintain your day to day job and yet build a business.

11 Tips to Build a Business While Working a Day Job

  1. why do I need to start my business

this the first and important step you can take by asking the why. Are inspires by

  • financial independence
  • time freedom
  • being your own boss
  • provide jobs
  • be creative
  • putting your dream a reality

whatever your WHY knowing your inspiration is what will keep focus and make you more determine to follow your dream.

  1. focus on your dream

having the desire to start your business is one thing and focusing on it is another. When you focus on building your business, it means you’re following one cause until successful. It means you’re until obligation to make sure your business succeed.

It means you’re ready to solve any problem that may arise make that pledge and extend it to people close to you.

  1. create your own business vision

This is putting your business on paper. In other words, it’s what you want your business to achieve from now to three years. here you have to be very specific and detailed. You can describe in details:

  • who your customers are
  • your target income
  • cost of production
  • how many customers/you have
  • your daily choices

you’ll need to keep your vision close to you always. Read it in the morning and before you retire for bed while you focus on your daily choices in other to achieve the desired result.

  1. Find a mentor

A mentor has the expertise and you’ll need to learn from the vast experience. A mentor can be able to brainstorm your idea, advice you and help you get through difficult challenges. Most importantly, a mentor will help you stay on a cause, accountable and motivated.

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Finding of mentors can be done via online or look around you to see if there is one that meets your criteria.

  1. Learn. learn

Don’t work on assumption research and read whatever you can get your hands on related to your business. The internet is one vital place to get information about anything on business building, business systems, business success stories.

You can take online courses or hire a coach, read business books, audio books. Follow business leaders, listen to what they say and they build incredible businesses. The more you learn, the more you know and the more you the business you want to do. These give you an assurance and self-belief to be successful.

  1. approach your job positively

even though you intend to build your business, it’s very important to approach your job with optimism. Every day, acknowledge something you can appreciate. Maybe your office space, boss, co-worker, paycheck or always having a day off.

The more you focus on things that are positive, the more you approach your work confidently. The more you focus on things that are positive, the more you’ll learn how to deal with people and to equally see your business too.

  1. set daily achievable goal

what you do daily will get your business going in time or not. this is where your vision is put into action. Those measurable goals with the step by step member of what you intend to achieve. When starting, there will come a time where it may seem you’re not making progress, just realize it’s still part of the business building process.

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The more goals you achieve daily, the more confident you become and more motivated to move on.

  1. Build a business plan

Build a business plan that will include virtually everything you’ll need for the business. Starting from the business executive summary, required amount needed and what you intend to use the money for, your market analysis, projected profit and loss financial statement.

When you try building a business without a plan, you may well be stuck in the process. When you build a business with a plan, it gives you focus and hence makes you in control of the building process.

  1. Build a business website

Build a business website even if your business is not an online business. A website help to expose your business to businesses both within and outside your business environment and thus brings more customers.

if you’re building an online business, try to employ the use of infographics. According to Graphs.net, research shows that the search volume for Infographics has increased by a whopping 800% between 2010 and 2012. That was at the time. Today it should double or even triple.

According to the 2014 Statistics and Trends for Businesses on Social Media, Both small and large businesses realize the influence borne by social media influencers on the public opinion.

It comes as no surprise then that companies look for these influencers on various social media sites and send them free product samples to get them reviewed.

  1. Build a business card

Build a business card that will tell people who you’re, what product or services your business provide and your contact, should in case they need your product or services

  1. Build a business not a job

You have to strive to build a business and not a job. Your business might take time for you to begin to see the fruit of your labour.

Why? Because building a business requires you to build your visibility and credibility.

In other words, you’ll need to build a lot of loyal followers to be able to make sales that begin to cover your expenses and return on your investment.

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