10 Tools that Will Dramatically Improve Productivity

 Improve Productivity

Being productive has a different meaning for virtually everyone, but it’s generally agreed upon that all people want to be as productive as possible. Higher productivity means better results.

One person may see productivity as getting the job and family that is the American Dream. For someone else, it might mean finishing a to-do list of chores and keeping a clean house.

For people who work online and run their own business, productivity often means managing time, completing tasks and finding the right tools to get the job done. If that’s the case for you, you’re going to love these ten tools to increase productivity and help you reach all of your goals.

  1. Evernote

Use this versatile app to keep track of notes to yourself, reminders and to save important info. You can also sync it among all of your devices, smartphone, laptop and tablet included.

If you run across an interesting article, you can use Evernote to clip that article and save it so you can read it when time allows.

  1. Trello

If you have a large number of ongoing projects, Trello will help you keep them all organized. You can create boards and cards to keep everything laid out and in one place for easy reference. The app also helps you see what’s being worked on and who’s doing the work.

This app is very easy to use and is completely customizable so you can make it do what you need it to.

  1. Assignment Masters

No matter what you need to write, whether it’s for school or work, this program will do all of the editing and proofreadings for you. There are so many services available that you’ll be amazed at what you can get done.

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Affordability and reliability make this something you simply can’t do without for all of your writing needs.

  1. StayFocusd

Everyone finds themselves getting distracted and losing focus from time to time. When that happens to you, it can seriously interfere with your productivity. StayFocusd can help by blocking websites that take your attention away from more important things.

In addition, the app does a great job of reminding you not to waste time and to stay on task.

  1. Hoot Suite

If you use social media to drive your business, you need Hoot Suite. It works by helping you manage all of your social media accounts all in one handy location. That includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more.

You can use the dashboard to schedule updates, organize followers, measure your performance and much, much more.

  1. Asana

If you run a team, Asana is a must for you. It allows you to let your team work without your constant supervision and helps each member of the team stay on task and stay productive.

It’s free to start using Asana and you’ll find that it’s the best choice you’ve ever made for running your team effectively.

  1. Toggl

If you need help tracking and managing your time, Toggl is what you’ve been looking for. Use it to keep track of how long certain tasks take you, then track the data and find out where you can make changes to prevent time wasting.

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Using this app can dramatically improve your productivity by keeping you focused and on task.

  1. Rescue Time

This app lets you get helpful feedback on your day. It tracks the time you spend on a given software, program or app and produces a daily report so you can see where your time is going and if you can make changes.

Use Rescue Time to help you most efficiently use your time over the course of the day so you can be as productive as possible.

  1. Mini Note

If you need routine and structure, use this app to plan your entire day. You can create to-do lists and track your progress on important tasks.

You can also use the app to check things off as you go so you can stay on track and make sure you get everything done.

  1. Blinkist

This cache of books helps you be successful since many experts say that reading is the basis for productivity and success. If you ever present lectures on those books, you’ll find that this app makes it so much easier.

The app includes over 1,000 non-fiction books that are summarized to help you present them with ease. Use the app to “read” an entire book in a very short amount of time.


Kate Simpson is a regular contributor and managing editor of Assignment Masters essay help service. She is also managing her own editing team and seeks new ways to expand the business. Check out her twitter.


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    Hi Kate!

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    Kate, thanks for sharing the list!
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